Peroxidase activity of Cytochrome C

Peroxidase Activity of Cytochrome C

The heme-containing enzyme cytochrome C can be found at the inner membrane of mitochondria where it contributes to the electron transport within the respiratory chain. In the presence of moderate amounts of H2O2 we observed a peroxidase activity of this protein, especially if cytochrome C was associated with the mitochondria-specific phospholipid cardiolipin (CL). At higher hydrogen peroxide concentrations a destruction of the central heme group of cytochrome C and a subsequent release of iron was observed. These studies may contribute to a better understanding of the role of cytochrome C under conditions of oxidative stress and/or during apoptosis.

Team Members

Dr. Jörg Flemmig, Uladzimir Barayeu, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Arnhold


Dr. Maria Federova
University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

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