Fields of Research

Fields of Research

After the introduction of Layer-by-Layer assembling of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes on flat and colloidal templates in the nineties, this technique became more and more interesting for biomedical applications with the design of multifuctional carrier systems. Colloidal microcarrier systems show a great potential in drug delivery due to their modular contruction: several active agents can be embedded into a biocompatible polymer multilayer or core with the option of additional carrier functionalization such as for cell surface mimicking or by the integration of sensors. Thus, microcarriers combine several important advantages in transport and delivery of active agents into living cells and tissue compared to current therapy concepts:

  • biocompatible and biodegradable multilayer material as well as the core dissolution after multilayer assembling provide high biocompatibility reducing off-target effects,
  • the wide choice of multilayer material, the biopolymer layer number and the layer depth of the assembled active agent(s) provide a time-controlled release of the agents within the cell,
  • different active agents can be assembled into different layer depths without interference, facilitating a time-delayed application of the agents,
  • additional surface modifications provide a targeted or enhanced uptake by cells, and
  • agents can be applied in a defined dosage by varying their amounts within the multilayer or core.

Our group is working on the characterization and improvement of addressing, uptake and intracellular processing of the carriers as well as on the development of microcarrier systems for specific applications.

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