Postgraduate Seminar

During semesters, the  Postgraduate Seminar is held weekly. Here, students working on their bachelor, master and doctoral theses exchange their research results and keep themselves informed on the latest developments.

Information on and a schedule of the Postgraduate Seminar for participants:

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Dr. Marta Gozzi
Phone +49 341 97-15723

Institute Seminar

During semesters, the Institute Seminar is held in seminar room 017, Härtelstr. 16-18 (ground floor, access via the courtyard entrance) every Friday at 9:15 am, unless specifically announced otherwise.

!!!!As of December 2021, the Seminar will be given either online only, or both online and in person in the Great Lecture Hall (Gr. HS) in Härtelstr. 16-18, third floor, access via the courtyard entrance!!!

Please use the following link for online attendance:


Dr. René Staritzbichler
Phone +49 341 97-15704

Institute Seminar - Winter Term 2021/22

Institute Seminar
15.10.21Kl. HS

Markus Fischer

Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics

Leipzig University

Prediction of protein binding from sequence
22.10.21Kl. HS

Prof. Dr.-Ing. René Androsch
Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät II

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Crystallization of polymers at processing-relevant conditions



Dr. Christoph Gorgulla
Harvard Medical School
Ultra-large virtual screenings
05.11.21 Kl. HS

Dr. Radek Šachl

J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry

Prag, Czech Republic

Relating in-membrane oligomerization numbers of proteins to their functions
12.11.21Kl. HS

Prof. Dr. Martin Zacharias

Fakultät für Physik
Technische Universität München

Understanding allostery in GPCRs using Molecular Dynamics simulations
19.11.21 online

Prof. Dr. Maria do Rosário Domingues

Department of Chemistry

University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

Oxidized phospholipid and mass spectrometry fingerprinting to unveil the biological roles of these epilipids
26.11.21Kl. HS

Prof. Dr. Robert Kittel

Faculty of Life Sciences

Leipzig University

Molecular tuning of mechanosensory communication

Prof. Dr. Valerie O’Donnell

Medical Department

University of Cardiff, Wales

Using mass spectrometry to uncover endogenous lipids that regulate blood clotting
10.12.21Gr. HS and online

Emelyne Pacull

Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics
Leipzig University

Investigation of the structure and dynamics of the ghrelin/GHS receptor complex by solid-stte NMR
17.12.21Gr. HS
and online

Dr. René Staritzbichler

Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics
Leipzig University

Christmas tale: the magic of physics


15:00 Uhr!

Prof. Dr. Hassane Mchaourab
Dept. of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, U.S.A.
Online Link:

EPR in the age of cryoEM: Two recent stories.
14.01.22Gr. HS and onlinePD Dr. Veronika Witte
Max-Planck-Institut für Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaften, Leipzig
Impact of diet and obesity on brain structure and function


15:00 Uhr!

Dr. Erkan Karakas
Dept. of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, U.S.A.

Structural basis for activation and gating of IP3 receptor calcium channels


15:00 Uhr!

Dr. Ilya Levental
Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
University of Virginia, U.S.A.
The lateral and transbilayer organization of the mammalian plasma membrane
04.02.22 Prof. Dr. Swen Hesse
IFB Adipositas
Universität Leipzig
to follow

Prof. Dr. Thomas Günter-Pomorski

Molekulare Biochemie
Ruhr-Universität Bochum

to follow

Institute Seminar - Summer Term 2021


Gr. HS

and online

Dr. Alexander Vogel

Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics

Leipzig University

Molecular Dynamics of the Human Y1 Receptor in the Presence of an Antagonist and in the apo State
23.04.21 no Institute Seminar 

Gr. HS

and online

Prof. Dr. Ines Liebscher

Institute of Biochemistry

Leipzig University

How to wake a giant – Activation mechanisms of adhesion G protein-coupled receptors

Dr. Markus Miettinen

System Security Lab

TU Darmstadt

High-fidelity biomacromolecular modelling: lipids, amyloids, open science
14.05.21 no Institute Seminar 

Prof. Dr. Panagiotis Kastritis

Kastritis Lab for Biomolecular Research

MLU Halle-Wittenberg

Exploring cellular organization in native cell extracts with cryo-electron microscopy
28.05.21Gr. HS and online

Dr. Hossein Batebi

Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics

Leipzig University

Structural mechanism of receptor catalyzed G-protein activation

Gr. HS

and online

Prof. Dr. Georg Pabst

Biomembrane Physics

University of Graz, Austria

Membrane asymmetry: current insight and future challenges
11.06.21Gr. HS and online

Dr. René Staritzbichler

Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics

AlignMe – Alignment of Membrane Proteins

Gr. HS

and online

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schwarzer

Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria

Dynorphin, the better opiod

Gr. HS

and online

Prof. Dr. Georg Nagel


Universität Würzburg

02.07.21Gr. HS and online

Dr. Paul Ahrens

Institut für Laboratoriumsmedizin, Klinische Chemie und Molekulare Diagnostik

Universität Leipzig

Clinical Decision Support Systems – Machine Learning in Medicine

Gr. HS

and online

Prof. Dr. Claudia Blindauer

Department of Chemistry

University of Warwick

Great Britain

Keeping track of zinc in biological systems with molecular and inorganic mass spectroscopy

Dr. Patrick Scheerer

Institut für Medizinische Physik und Biophysik

Charité Berlin



Dr. Petra Heffeter

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

The development of small molecule chemotherapeutics for cancer treatment



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