Research topics:

  • Multicarrier Processing within the Cell
  • Surface Modification
  • Specific Application of LbL Microcarriers in Drug Delivery
AG Uta Reibetanz
Workgroup Multifunctional Drug Delivery Systems - Uta Reibetanz

Principal Investigator

PD Dr. Uta Reibetanz

Uta Reibetanz

Härtelstr. 16-18, 04107 Leipzig
Room 253
Phone +49(0)341 97-15703

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Scherf, Merle, doctoral student

Fritz, Robert, doctoral student

Fields of Research

After the introduction of Layer-by-Layer assembling of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes on flat and colloidal templates in the nineties, this technique became more and more interesting for biomedical applications with the design of multifuctional carrier systems. Colloidal microcarrier systems show a great potential in drug delivery due to their modular construction: several active agents can be embedded into a biocompatible polymer multilayer or core, with the option of additional carrier functionalization such as for cell surface mimicking, or by the integration of sensors. Thus, microcarriers combine several important advantages in transport and delivery of active agents into living cells and tissue compared to current therapy concepts:

  • biocompatible and biodegradable multilayer material as well as the core dissolution after multilayer assembling provide high biocompatibility reducing off-target effects,
  • the wide choice of multilayer material, the biopolymer layer number and the layer depth of the assembled active agent(s) provide a time-controlled release of the agents within the cell,
  • different active agents can be assembled into different layer depths without interference, facilitating a time-delayed application of the agents,
  • additional surface modifications provide a targeted or enhanced uptake by cells, and
  • agents can be applied in a defined dosage by varying their amounts within the multilayer or core.

Our group is working on the characterization and improvement of addressing, uptake and intracellular processing of the carriers as well as on the development of microcarrier systems for specific applications.

Layer-by-Layer coating procedure of colloidal microcarriers by alternating adsoprtion of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes as well as multilayer integrated active agents (e.g. DNA, RNA).
SEM image of CaCO3 microparticles coated with 9 layers of protamine and dextran

CV Uta Reibetanz

  • 2014: Habilitation (Medical Physics/Biophysics)
  • Since 2011: Independent Research Group Leader,  DFG-funded research project: „Funktionalisierung von LbL Mikrocarriern als Drug Delivery System für Elastaseinhibitoren und HOCl Scavenger bei chronischen Entzündungen.“ (Functionalization of LbL microcarriers as drug delivery system for elastase inhibitors and HOCl scavengers)
  • 2009 – 2011: Independent Research Group Leader (together with Dr. J. Leßig) at the Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Leipzig, BMBF-funded research project: Colloidal Capsules as anti-inflammatory Drug Carrier and Sensor for the Termination of chronically proceeding Inflammations
  • 2008 – 2009: post doctoral fellow, Nanyang Technological University Singapore (with Prof. Dr. B. Neu)
  • 2008: researcher at the National Nanotechnology Laboratory, Lecce, Italy (with Prof. Dr. R. Rinaldi, Dr. St. Leporatti)
  • 2003 – 2005: postgraduate studies of Medical Physics and Techniques at the University of Kaiserslautern, Distance and Independent Studies Center
  • 2003 – 2008: post doctoral fellow, Leipzig University, Medical Faculty, Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics
  • 2003: PhD in Physics at Leipzig University, Medical Faculty, Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics
  • 1999 diploma in Physics at Leipzig University, Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences, Division of Solid State Physics
  • 1995: internship in laser physics, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt


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Prof. Dr. Daniel Huster (Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics, Leipzig University)
Structure and Diffusion Parameters of Lipid-bilayers on Microcarrier Surface

Prof. Dr. Ines Neundorf (Institute of Biochemistry, University of Cologne)
Surface Functionalization of LbL microcarriers with Cell- Penetrating     Peptides

Irof. Dr. Attila Tárnok (Herzzentrum Leipzig GmbH)
Impedance Flow Cytometry on Microparticles and Capsules

Prof. Dr. Edwin Donath (Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics, Leipzig University)
Uptake and Processing of LbL Microcarriers in Cells

Prof. Dr. J. Mijer, Steffen Jankuhn (Division of Solid State Physics, Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences, Leipzig University) 
Investigation of Microcarrier Processing within Cells by Ion Beam Techniques

Prof. Dr. U. G. Liebert, Dr. Claudia Claus (Institute of Virology, Leipzig University)
Specific Transport of Active Agents into Cells

Capsulution Nanoscience AG, Berlin
Cooperation treaty

Prof. Dr. Björn Neu (Biophysics, Rhine-Waal-University of Applied Sciences, Kleve):
Lipid-bilayer Functionalization of LbL Microcarriers


Dr. Jacqueline Leßig, (School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore):
Functionalized LbL microcarriers for treatment of chronic inflammations

Dr. Stefano Leporatti (National Nanotechnology Laboratory Lecce, Italy)
Design and Applications of LbL microcarriers

Dr. Petrik Galvosas (School of Chemical and Physical Science, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
Structure and Diffusion Parameters of Lipid-bilayers on Microcarrier Surface

Prof. Shengyong Xu, Deparatment of Electronics, Beijing University, China

Dr. M. Fischlechner, University Southampton, UK