90 days inhalation testing with CeO2 in the rat and subsequent analysis of gene expression profiles for the early detection of toxic / carcinogenic effects (InhalT90)

Launched in August 2014. Duration 3 years
Prolonged until 31/12/2017

The project InhalT90 is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on the topic of  „Safe handling of synthetic nanoparticles – Studying the effects on humans and the environment – Nano Care“ within the framework program „Materials Innovations for Industry and Society – WING“.
BMBF Grant No.: 03X0149

The aim of the project is to establish and validate new sensitive endpoints  in 90 days inhalation testing with CeO2 nanoparticles as early indicators for the prediction of cancerogenic/toxic effects, which will be verified in the NANoREG 2 year long-term study („Combined Chronic Inhalation Toxicity and Carcinogenicity Study in Female Wistar Rats, Dust Aerosol Exposure“ [EU Project NanoREG – NMP.2012.1.3-3 –  Regulatory testing of nanomaterials; BASF Project No. 8170661/10/170]). The endpoints and biological responses will be also compared with the 28 day study on inhalative toxicity and carcinogenicity (NANoREG Newsletter).

In addition to biomarkers derived from histopathology, immunohistochemistry and gene expression profiles, novel molecular-spectroscopic biomarkers for nanoparticle-induced effects will be identified and tested on their predictive potential for adverse effects by means of high-resolution imaging techniques.

Project partners:

Dr. O. Creutzenberg, Dr. M. Niehof, Dr. T. Hansen, Prof. Dr. C. Dasenbrock, Prof. Dr. Dr. U. Heinrich; Fraunhofer ITEM