Dr. Cica Vissiennon

Partnership symposium: Leipzig – Cotonou, West Africa (06. Juli 2017)

The partnership between Leipzig University and IRGIB-Africa University (Benin, West Africa) is marked by regular academic and cultural exchange between the two universities. Joint research programmes focus on the documentation and evaluation of the indigenous traditional medicinal knowledge of Western Africa and the promotion of its integration into the existing regional health system.

To acknowledge the long-term partnership between our two universities, we organized this Partnership Symposium, which focused on the joint application of natural healing methods and medicinal plants. The purpose of this symposium was to highlight common grounds and differences within the traditional medicinal practices in our two cultures and to discover joint research fields. 

Programme of the Partnership Symposium

Introduction and opening remarks

Chair: Dr. Cica Vissiennon (Universität Leipzig)

Prof. Erich Schröger, Prodekan für Forschung und Nachwuchsförderung (Universität Leipzig)

Leipzig - Cotonou: Brief history of a partnership

Dr. Cica Vissiennon (Universität Leipzig)


Tradition and relevance of natural medicines in Western African countries

AssProf. Dr. Gado Dramane (IRGIB-Africa University) 

Medicinal herbal drugs in Europe

Prof. em. Dr. Karen Nieber (Universität Leipzig)

The challenge of a technical University in a developing country in Africa: IRGIB-Africa

Prof. Dr. Vigile Ahyi (IRGIB-Africa University)

Naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids: therapeutic effects and possible biotechnological production

JProf. Dr. Karin Fester (Universität Leipzig)

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory mechanisms exerted by the fungus-growing termite strain Macrotermes bellicosus used in traditional medicine in Benin

M.Sc. Dima Hammoud (IGRIB-Africa University)

Phytochemical and pharmacological analysis of Entada africana extracts - traditionally used in Benin for the treatment of inflammatory disorders

M.Sc. Murielle Codo-Toafode (IRGIB-Africa University)

Phytochemical and pharmacological analysis of Ficus natalensis and Pilostigma thoningii - plants traditionally used for the treatment of inflammatory disorders

Dipl.-Pharm. Peter Marquardt (Universität Leipzig)

Synergy in phytotherapeutics: pharmacological interaction of myrrh, chamomile and coffee charcoal - components of a German traditionaal medicinal product

M.Sc. Dima Hammoud (IRGIB-Africa University)

Closing remarks and future perspectives

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